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"Thank you very much! We are very pleased with the professionalism..". - Colleen
"The music was great!! The squad did well. They beat the opponent by 53 points. They were very excited about the music." - Mackenzie
"AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME! The whole squad is very excited." - Dianne
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Premade Music
Custom Music
0:30 Mix TBD 0:30 Mix $150
0:45 Mix TBD 0:45 Mix $175
1:00 Mix TBD 1:00 Mix $250
1:15 Mix TBD 1:15 Mix $300
1:30 Mix TBD 1:30 Mix $350
1:45 Mix TBD 1:45 Mix $400
2:00 Mix TBD 2:00 Mix $450
2:30 Mix TBD 2:30 Mix $500
We are giving priority to custom orders at this time. However, if you cannot afford the rates for a custom mix, we may be able to still help. Please contact us, but keep in mind that we can only devote a limited amount of time to these types of projects.
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